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Jack Nicklaus has earned a reputation as a superlative course designer as he did a legendary golfer.

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Jack Nicklaus, perhaps the greatest golfer and designer in the history of the sport, has put his heart and soul into the signature golf courses that he designed having his own name. Jack Nicklaus and his design team devoted themselves to constructing course that can be both challenging to top-class professional and aspiring amateurs alike, yet not too imposing for lower or beginner levels of golfers. At the core, each link is designed to offer an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all.

To date, Jack Nicklaus has participated in the design of 290 courses around the world that have already been opened. On 95 of the courses, more than 700 tournaments of all types have been held in total so far, and of the top 100 courses around the world, 70 were designed by Jack Nicklaus.